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More comics tomfoolery – courtesy Hungama April 17, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Comics, WTF?!?.

Right – Hungama fans wanted more. Here are a few selections from the world’s funniest comic book.

1. Bussnath’s Buss

This one is one of our favourites.

“. . . else your life would become Busssss. Go.” Blissssful.

The title, by the way, led to the formation of several variants such as ‘Amarnath’s Amar’, ‘Narendranath’s Narendra’, and ‘Nathnath’s Nath’. It was also responsible for the popularising of ‘nath’ as a general purpose suffix (mainly due to the efforts of Kishore Manohar, Jai Shankar Iyer, Visesh and other worthies) , as seen in random examples such as ‘Cigarettenath’, ‘Sleepnath’ and ‘Cricketnath’.

2. Hungama Crazy Facts

These snippets are picked out from a section of the magazine called ‘Hungama Crazy Facts’. Just a sampling – I’ll post more hilarities as and when I dig them up.

Black Vido. Red spiders. Nuff said.

The founder of this watch is jaeger leading coultre. ??????

This is brilliant. Slam dunk with no jump. Hahahaha.

I LOVE this one. Too many delights to enumerate, but ‘A shock Treatment’ so that the dog ‘keeps it’s mouth shut’ is hard to beat.

More to follow. And, of course, a hat tip is due to Abitha for discovering Hungama at Chennai Central Station – a fact she never fails to remind us of.


A really easy, entertaining way to waste time at work. April 11, 2007

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Here’s a simple game enthusiastic youngsters can play by themselves or with friends (now, now, no naughty thoughts, children), to while away those long, dreary hours during rainy days or at work when deadlines loom large.

It’s about inventing names, and it’s easy, fun to get into, and almost impossible to stop playing. Like tetris. Or diablo. All you have to do is invent new, exciting names based on existing ones, and throw a wrench into Maneka Gandhi’s evil schemes.

For instance, take a simple name – Pravin Srinivasan.

Now, modify it by changing just one letter, like so :

Pravip Srinivasan .

Or like so :

Pravin Srinidasan.

See? Much hilarity. And very addictive. The trick is subtlety. Prabid Srikivasak, though perhaps funny, is overkill, in my opinion. But whatever makes you happy.

Some further examples :

Anank Ramachandran

Jai Shankap

Majjika Sherawat


Kishoke Manohar

Lots of new names! Whee!

Once you have mastered the beginner’s techniques, you can move on to more advanced, and hence more fulfilling forms of gameplay. For instance, mucking about with compound names, such as Saravanakumar, and introducing unusual elements into the mix can be effective. An example :

Saravanakumar – kumar + sudheer = Saravanasudheer. Nice.

More examples of this technique :

Krishnamurthy – murthy + badran = Krishnabadran (You may have heard of Ramabadran, but have you . . .)

Hariprasad – prasad + ji = Hariji (which can also be arrivedat by the simpler method of applying technique 1 to Harini)

Basic units such as Nath, Kanth and Sri, when used smartly, can provide much flexibility and surprisingly delicious results. Such as :




After just a few days of practice, even the casual player can attempt complex combinations of these techniques that lead to seemingly original end products such as Sankalesh Jimmy, Bragadeesh Sankalpavathy, and Prabhak Muneeswath (all of bosey fame)

In fact, I encourage you to play the game on the comments section of this post, so that I, too, may enjoy the fruits of your endeavours. Go. Play.

World Cup#27 – Sehwag’s Brother April 7, 2007

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You may have heard of Sehwag ki Maa, but have you heard of Sehwag ka Bhai? Here.

Heh. What more can you ask for?

You guys think so, too?

When search strings go bad! April 7, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in WTF?!?.
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Like all diligent bloggers, I sometimes check my stats to see how many people have been reading which posts on which blogs. Those of you who don’t blog may not be aware that these statistical tools also offer information on what search strings have led people to your posts. And this information is often hilarious.

For instance, someone searched Google for ‘K.R.Vijaya Hot’ and landed up at Son of Bosey. Heh. And the best part is this – this happened MORE THAN ONCE! Incredible. Imagine the poor sod(s) who clicked on the link, expecting to see lascivious pictures of K.R.V’s delicious rolls of flab, and is deeply disappointed by page after page of dazzling wit and sarcasm™.

Son of Bosey also features prominently among Google’s results for ‘Brahmin Mami Sex’ (thanks to that Ambi Mama thing, and its 200 comments.). This is almost too painful to contemplate, but in public interest, I shall. Said poor sod(s), after the previous disappointment, decides to treasure-hunt for moments of madusaru-clad mamis indulging in carnal activity, and where does he land? Heh. More dazzling wit and sarcasm™.

All the above examples are true – you can try them yourself on Google.

Bizarrely, a search at msn.com for ‘chennai sex men cell number’ led to my gaming blog. But this doesn’t work anymore, presumably due to the efforts of said Chennai sex men to improve their page rankings.

Blogging is fun, in more ways than one.

Update : Another fun search string to try on Google : ‘Greg Chappell’s son’ . Try it. Now.

More comics tomfoolery April 1, 2007

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Vishal dug this up somewhere. Fantastic. And the thing is – this probably wasn’t funny when it was drawn. One of those things that evolve into jokes. There IS a God.

And plenty more such delights at superdickery.com – a must for comics lovers. I especially like the one about the joker’s boner.

Brown, Bad and . . er . . Blonde. April 1, 2007

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Anyone else find the images of Rajni on the just released Sivaji promos a bit unsettling?

Hideous. It’s just not him. What next? Gap-tian made up to look like Mr.T?

But Grand must be insanely jealous.

Best single comic panel ever? March 26, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Comics, WTF?!?.

From a delightful (but now sadly defunct, I think) Chennai based comic called Hungama.

HUngama Panel

The grammar in the caption is one of those rarest of rare things that can be described as being ‘perfectly bad’. Sublime.

Oh – and Hungama is full of such brilliance. Will try and put up more stuff if possible.

Unintentional humour chronicles – part 1. January 15, 2007

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We’re recruiting people for our new animation and game design studio, and my colleague Tariq and I were looking in disbelief at a resume :

“One of my greatest strengths is looking through the brief and seeing the complete picture.”

Sometimes, I think we should stop creating content and just syndicate and publish excerpts from resumes that we get. We’d be rich.

More fine examples :

A signboard that says, in splendid grandeur ” For all occasions, use COCK.” I have also seen variants for the same brand, such as “Celebrate happy festivals with COCK.”, and “Buy the best COCK.” Eh? Oh – fireworks. COCK brand fireworks.

A lovely (but since removed) hand painted sign outside a barber shop that says, simply ‘STEP CUTTING. BOOB CUTTING.’

One of my personal favourites is a retail poster for a fashion brand called MUFTI. It features a male model striking a fashionably intense pose, with the inexplicable but brilliant slogan : “ANTI AIDS MESSAGE # 1 – APNA HAATH JAGANNATH!”

I’ll try and put up some pictures as and when i find them.

But now, to the point. This is actually a call for contributions. Any of you with camera phones, be sure to click the next such example you come across and send it to me. I’ll publish those I find entertaining, along with a link black to your blog, or site, if you have one.

World Rock, Paper, Scissors Championships! No, really! November 12, 2006

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I don’t know why I bother to write Son of Bosey, when there are real-world happenings that are this funny!

A report in today’s Hindu led me to try and dig up more information on the old schoolyard favourite ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ – with delightful results. There’s a whole bunch of people who are either masters of satire, or are dead serious about the ‘sport’. I’m not smart enough to figure out which.

This is the video promo for this years World Championships, which was held yesterday, and carried a winner’s purse of $10,000/-.

According to the official World Rock Paper Scissors Society web site, here’s what ‘Advanced RPS’ is all about :

RPS is gaming at its most basic, its most fundamental. Take anything away, and it ceases to be a game at all. Every other game, at some level, contains RPS. Like chess or fencing, the rules are simple, but the game itself is as complex as the mind of your opponent.

Playing RPS probably won’t make you rich and famous. Chances are good you won’t win an Olympic gold medal. And it’s not likely to improve your physique, maximize your sex appeal, jump-start your career or expand your memory. Many players have found, however, that studying RPS gives them a greater understanding of how gaming relates to human behavior. In that sense, RPS can help you find success in other areas, but only if you have the determination to work hard and think hard – not just in RPS, but in every area of your life.

More general hilarity at The world RPS Society, and, as always, at Wikipedia.

Vijay Saar helps in diabetes control! November 10, 2006

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in WTF?!?.

You never know what your favourite tamil actors are capable of!

Herbal cure for diabetes

Surya Herbal Limited which claims to be the first Ayurvedic ISO 9001 certified company, has launched X-Diaba, a herbomineral approach for arresting, stopping and curing diabetes. A chronic metabolic disorder, diabetes is characterised by an increase in sugar levels in the body.

X-Diaba is a combination of some of the best anti-diabetic herbs and minerals. The capsules contain Basant Kusumakar Ras (with gold and pearl) which provides strength to the brain, heart and the kidneys. It also contains Vijay Saar, which is known to regenerate activity of the pancreas. Other herbs are Gurmar, Karela and neem extracts. A pack of 20 capsules is available for Rs 200. Surya Herbal Limited has a manufacturing unit in Noida. The automation of the entire process meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) spelt out in World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

Originally from here. Scroll down to see it.

Three cheers for Vijay Saar – celluloid star by day, herbal cure by night!