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This Blog has moved. April 11, 2008

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Thanks for reading ‘Papayas are people, too.’

I’ve split the content into other blogs :

pwnage.in for general stuff

sacredcow.in for comics

bossfight.in for gaming

bosey.co.in for Son of Bosey.

Thanks for visiting. See you over at the other blogs.


World Cup #18 – Stupid idea of the year award March 20, 2007

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The Pakistan team has been asked to speak to the media only in Urdu. Why? To promote tourism.

The players will speak only in Urdu, said former player Pervez Mir, the team’s press liaison officer.

The decision was also taken “because 2007 is our national tourist year and we are promoting Pakistan as well,” said Mir in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“This is the perfect platform to promote and expose our language.”

I’m laughing so hard, I’m having trouble typing this.

Imagine – thousands of people, after listening to Inzamam-ul-Haq or Mohammed Yousuf or Shoaib Malik address the press, rushing off to call their travel agents to arrange immediate vacations in Lahore. So that they may listen to more people address them in a language they don’t understand.