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Kongregate – lots of nice fun games April 11, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Gaming.

Those of you who enjoy video games should check out kongregate.com. Plenty of indie developed casual games, great fun to play. It’s being spoken of as a kind of youtube for gamers – users upload, rate and discuss games. Tremendous potential for young, aspiring developers as well.

I particularly enjoyed Fancy Pants Adventures, and QWERTY warriors.


A really easy, entertaining way to waste time at work. April 11, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Gaming, WTF?!?.

Here’s a simple game enthusiastic youngsters can play by themselves or with friends (now, now, no naughty thoughts, children), to while away those long, dreary hours during rainy days or at work when deadlines loom large.

It’s about inventing names, and it’s easy, fun to get into, and almost impossible to stop playing. Like tetris. Or diablo. All you have to do is invent new, exciting names based on existing ones, and throw a wrench into Maneka Gandhi’s evil schemes.

For instance, take a simple name – Pravin Srinivasan.

Now, modify it by changing just one letter, like so :

Pravip Srinivasan .

Or like so :

Pravin Srinidasan.

See? Much hilarity. And very addictive. The trick is subtlety. Prabid Srikivasak, though perhaps funny, is overkill, in my opinion. But whatever makes you happy.

Some further examples :

Anank Ramachandran

Jai Shankap

Majjika Sherawat


Kishoke Manohar

Lots of new names! Whee!

Once you have mastered the beginner’s techniques, you can move on to more advanced, and hence more fulfilling forms of gameplay. For instance, mucking about with compound names, such as Saravanakumar, and introducing unusual elements into the mix can be effective. An example :

Saravanakumar – kumar + sudheer = Saravanasudheer. Nice.

More examples of this technique :

Krishnamurthy – murthy + badran = Krishnabadran (You may have heard of Ramabadran, but have you . . .)

Hariprasad – prasad + ji = Hariji (which can also be arrivedat by the simpler method of applying technique 1 to Harini)

Basic units such as Nath, Kanth and Sri, when used smartly, can provide much flexibility and surprisingly delicious results. Such as :




After just a few days of practice, even the casual player can attempt complex combinations of these techniques that lead to seemingly original end products such as Sankalesh Jimmy, Bragadeesh Sankalpavathy, and Prabhak Muneeswath (all of bosey fame)

In fact, I encourage you to play the game on the comments section of this post, so that I, too, may enjoy the fruits of your endeavours. Go. Play.

The Wii is important November 18, 2006

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Gaming.
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I now write articles on gaming at desicritics.org.

Here’s one on why I think Nintendo should have a greater presence in emerging markets like India. An excerpt :

This is why I believe that Nintendo’s products are best suited for getting a whole new segment of people into gaming. Markets like India are chock-full of people who’ve never played games before. Products like Gears of War aren’t going to convert too many of them into gamers. Fancy explosions and realistic physics will get their attention, but won’t hold their attention long enough to convert them.

Read the full article here.