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More comics tomfoolery – courtesy Hungama April 17, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Comics, WTF?!?.

Right – Hungama fans wanted more. Here are a few selections from the world’s funniest comic book.

1. Bussnath’s Buss

This one is one of our favourites.

“. . . else your life would become Busssss. Go.” Blissssful.

The title, by the way, led to the formation of several variants such as ‘Amarnath’s Amar’, ‘Narendranath’s Narendra’, and ‘Nathnath’s Nath’. It was also responsible for the popularising of ‘nath’ as a general purpose suffix (mainly due to the efforts of Kishore Manohar, Jai Shankar Iyer, Visesh and other worthies) , as seen in random examples such as ‘Cigarettenath’, ‘Sleepnath’ and ‘Cricketnath’.

2. Hungama Crazy Facts

These snippets are picked out from a section of the magazine called ‘Hungama Crazy Facts’. Just a sampling – I’ll post more hilarities as and when I dig them up.

Black Vido. Red spiders. Nuff said.

The founder of this watch is jaeger leading coultre. ??????

This is brilliant. Slam dunk with no jump. Hahahaha.

I LOVE this one. Too many delights to enumerate, but ‘A shock Treatment’ so that the dog ‘keeps it’s mouth shut’ is hard to beat.

More to follow. And, of course, a hat tip is due to Abitha for discovering Hungama at Chennai Central Station – a fact she never fails to remind us of.


More comics tomfoolery April 1, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Comics, WTF?!?.
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Vishal dug this up somewhere. Fantastic. And the thing is – this probably wasn’t funny when it was drawn. One of those things that evolve into jokes. There IS a God.

And plenty more such delights at superdickery.com – a must for comics lovers. I especially like the one about the joker’s boner.

Best single comic panel ever? March 26, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Comics, WTF?!?.

From a delightful (but now sadly defunct, I think) Chennai based comic called Hungama.

HUngama Panel

The grammar in the caption is one of those rarest of rare things that can be described as being ‘perfectly bad’. Sublime.

Oh – and Hungama is full of such brilliance. Will try and put up more stuff if possible.

World Cup#20 – Sachin Tendulkar and other crap comic ideas. March 22, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Comics, sports.

master blasterAnd now this.

Sachin Tendulkar is the most hyped cricketer off all time (before you kill me, I’m just stating fact. Notice : hyped. not overhyped. There’s a difference.) His face peers out at us from advertisements, merchandise, endless reams of newsprint. We love him, and even tolerate the bad ads.

But this is not cool. That armour is a fashion disaster. And, God save us, a crackling, glowing, flaming cricket bat ? If I wanted extra cheese, I’d order pizza, thanks you very much.

This kind of thing is an insult to comics. And comics fans. And creators. This is a typically stupid, corporate ‘let’s cash in, quality be damned’ idea. This will flop. The series will not complete the first run. If there is a comics God.

Here’s a gem from the guys who’re doing this :

According to Suresh Seetharaman, President, Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation, “Virgin has always worked with people who are prominent, and most importantly, who have set goals for themselves in life and achieved them too. Sachin Tendulkar is well recognised as an achiever globally, and it works best to have him as the hero for our comic, gaming and animation series.”

If there’s any sense tucked away into that mind-numbingly inane statement, somebody please point it out to me. What are these guys thinking? ARE they thinking?

From the free comic downloads available from Virgin’s web site, I find that all their titles are conceptually interesting and visually appealing, but are bogged down by immature (and sometimes plain bad) writing and editing, and a derivative, wannabe Marvel / DC feel. This one seems doomed at the concept level itself.

A cursory glance at comics history will show you that moronic get-rich-quick comics based on celebrities are always abominable products that are rarely recalled fondly, and usually don’t sell well. Even the legendary Stan Lee made a mess of his ill-fated Backstreet Boys project. Remember Amitabh as Supremo ? Remember Gavaskar as Sunny ? Titles that are remembered today only for being putrid and grotesque. A similar fate surely awaits ‘Master Blaster’. (Any chances that I could be wrong, and this could actually be good? Nah. Three words – flaming. cricket. bat. They’re already too far down crap road.)

This is a crass cheapening of one of our few real-life heroes. I hope that true fans of Sachin Tendulkar will see it for what it is.

Has a comic book made you cry? October 24, 2006

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Comics.


Lone Wolf and Cub Cover

Do you cry when you read comics? Have you? Ever?

I’ve just completed reading the last chapter of the legendary ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’, created by the revered Japanese Manga masters Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima. And I’ve gone all misty-eyed.

THIS is the joy of comics. The long, arduous redemption journey undertaken by super-assassin Itto Ogami and his baby son Daigoro is an emotional roller-coaster that will amuse, delight, anger and move you like perhaps no other long-running comic series in memory. It’s astonishing how writer and artist combine magically to create some of the most gripping and thought provoking sequences ever to grace the pages of popular comics – they combine so well it’s almost impossible to believe that two separate people worked on the series. Indeed, sometimes you forget that you’re reading a book at all – so powerful is the storytelling that it drags you right into the pages – you walk with Itto, witness his duels, feel the icy wind, want to pinch little Daigoro’s cheeks.

And if you, like many readers in India, are used only to American comics, then the experience will perhaps be even more moving. Think of this as the first time for a Manga virgin, if you will. Pages of contemplative, delicately paced sequences suddenly tumble into a mad flurry of bloody, furious combat. Scenes depicting complex human emotions and delicately crafted conversations slowly melt into long sections without a single spoken word. Breathtaking stuff.

And the finale! Let it be enough to say it stands alongside the most powerful, poignant and heart-rending climaxes I’ve come across in ANY entertainment medium. If you’re a comics fan, a fan of Japanese martial arts stories, or simply someone who delights in good fiction, you can’t go wrong with ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’.