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World Cup #26 – Bad Ad Watch April 2, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Advertising, sports.

Our next nominee – a true beauty.

The moronic, so-wannabe-that-it’s-beyond-pathetic, but mercifully short advert for the LG X-note computer.

An ugly white guy looks at a talking picture of a woman on his laptop. He touches the screen, and it’s suddenly another woman in a hotter dress (or the same woman who changes into . . you know what? who cares?). He swivels the monitor around. Gets up to leave. Suddenly, some unrelated guy in a S.W.A.T. team outfit falls off the window ledge.  The ugly white guy pauses, says “Right now, Life’s Goooooooooood.”, while somehow managing to contort his lips in a disquietingly unattractive manner, and exits stage.

My brain hurts. WHAT? WHAAAAAAAT?

If you’re part of the team that delivered this putrid sewage-pail to an unsuspecting audience, please do us a favour and change jobs.


World Cup #04 – Bad Ad Watch March 13, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Advertising, sports.
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No world cup is complete without – that’s right, bad advertising.

This year, I think we must set up an award to honour the most execrable, putrid, and plain crummy ad films that we’re going to be subjected to thanks to the efforts of the advertising industry’s most idiotic brains.

Our first nominee – The CBZ ad featuring that wannabe James Bond guy spouting immeasurably, excruciatingly bad lines – of course, ably supported by an appropriately annoying ‘babe’ and ‘mission giver’ characters. At one point, the guy actually says ‘ Thinking. Such a waste of time’. Perhaps the creative team behind the ad believes in this philosophy a tad too fervently. At least, I hope that they didn’t put too much thought into producing this turd. The idea of an agency that brainstormed for days, went through innumerable options, and then came up with this is too painful to contemplate.

Unintentional humour chronicles – part 1. January 15, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Advertising, WTF?!?.
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We’re recruiting people for our new animation and game design studio, and my colleague Tariq and I were looking in disbelief at a resume :

“One of my greatest strengths is looking through the brief and seeing the complete picture.”

Sometimes, I think we should stop creating content and just syndicate and publish excerpts from resumes that we get. We’d be rich.

More fine examples :

A signboard that says, in splendid grandeur ” For all occasions, use COCK.” I have also seen variants for the same brand, such as “Celebrate happy festivals with COCK.”, and “Buy the best COCK.” Eh? Oh – fireworks. COCK brand fireworks.

A lovely (but since removed) hand painted sign outside a barber shop that says, simply ‘STEP CUTTING. BOOB CUTTING.’

One of my personal favourites is a retail poster for a fashion brand called MUFTI. It features a male model striking a fashionably intense pose, with the inexplicable but brilliant slogan : “ANTI AIDS MESSAGE # 1 – APNA HAATH JAGANNATH!”

I’ll try and put up some pictures as and when i find them.

But now, to the point. This is actually a call for contributions. Any of you with camera phones, be sure to click the next such example you come across and send it to me. I’ll publish those I find entertaining, along with a link black to your blog, or site, if you have one.

Adver-sity-ising November 3, 2006

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in Advertising.
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PEPSI is brilliant.

They’ve finally cracked a way to keep their feel-good cricket ads, even when we lose.

Their response to India’s disappointing exit from the ICC Champion’s trophy is a syrupy ad film featuring an angry old man, an optimistic young boy, and India T-shirt, and oodles of pop-sentimentality. No doubt you’ve seen it.

Now, they no longer have to look stupid when their highly paid brand ambassadors fail to live up to their reputations on the field. And no longer have to bear the brunt of the negative-publicity backlash that is otherwise inevitable in these situations.

Personally, it makes me cringe, but it’s sound advertising strategy. They’re actually gaining positive brand momentum, turning defeat into victory (for the brand, that is. We’re still some way away from doing that for the team).

Why did it take them so long to come up with something like this?