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When search strings go bad! April 7, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in WTF?!?.

Like all diligent bloggers, I sometimes check my stats to see how many people have been reading which posts on which blogs. Those of you who don’t blog may not be aware that these statistical tools also offer information on what search strings have led people to your posts. And this information is often hilarious.

For instance, someone searched Google for ‘K.R.Vijaya Hot’ and landed up at Son of Bosey. Heh. And the best part is this – this happened MORE THAN ONCE! Incredible. Imagine the poor sod(s) who clicked on the link, expecting to see lascivious pictures of K.R.V’s delicious rolls of flab, and is deeply disappointed by page after page of dazzling wit and sarcasmâ„¢.

Son of Bosey also features prominently among Google’s results for ‘Brahmin Mami Sex’ (thanks to that Ambi Mama thing, and its 200 comments.). This is almost too painful to contemplate, but in public interest, I shall. Said poor sod(s), after the previous disappointment, decides to treasure-hunt for moments of madusaru-clad mamis indulging in carnal activity, and where does he land? Heh. More dazzling wit and sarcasmâ„¢.

All the above examples are true – you can try them yourself on Google.

Bizarrely, a search at msn.com for ‘chennai sex men cell number’ led to my gaming blog. But this doesn’t work anymore, presumably due to the efforts of said Chennai sex men to improve their page rankings.

Blogging is fun, in more ways than one.

Update : Another fun search string to try on Google : ‘Greg Chappell’s son’ . Try it. Now.



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