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World Cup #13 – Papayas and Bosey on TV. March 15, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in sports.

Okay – I’ve now played my part in the official TV coverage surrounding WC 2007.

Headlines Today did a feature earlier tonight about World Cup blogs – and featured both Papayas are People, Too and Son of Bosey on it. I got to let off a few words and sound smug. Fun. People who saw it will now think I’m more famous than I really am.

The show was pretty kind to me – they featured the blogs pretty prominently, and said some nice things. And, importantly, they called me a ‘Young Man’. I am indebted.

Also, the programme featured the online prediction game cricketology, which is great fun. Sign up and play. You’ll see.


1. Visesh - March 16, 2007

Wah! thats louly.

On another note, this morning at nets, some guy from All India Radio came up to jubbs and asked him to opine on the World Cup, i say lads we have covered both Radio and TV now.

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