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World Cup #07 – The first wrong prediction. March 14, 2007

Posted by Anand Ramachandran in sports.

Well, I guess commonsense batting is never quite guaranteed from this mighty Pakistan lineup.

Of course, they began with a six. And lost a wicket of the next ball. And hit the next one for four. Only Pakistan can entertain like this.

Inzy, naturally, played some shots so sublime that I actually gasped. And then proceeded to mismanage the chase in the company of the excellent Mohammed Yousuf. What were these two great batsmen thinking? Corey Collymore and Dwayne Smith are good, hardworking bowlers, but did they deserve the respect they were shown today?

Pakistan lost this game in the middle overs. I think that this tournament will largely be won and lost by how overs 20-40 go.

On a happy note, if all the wickets are like the one we saw at Sabina, then we’re going to have good games. Wheee.


1. markuz - March 14, 2007

Would have loved to see at least one run out when inzy and md.yousuf were batting but they safely avoided that problem by deciding not to run itself, guessed they missed boromir faramir aka Afridi.
The overthrow by Kaneria was priceless as was Inzy’s expression after that. Manoj Prabhakar would have been proud of that throw.

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